To inspire hope by offering assistance to these warriors and their families who have walked through fire, but continue to move forward.

We are united in our common interest and our shared commitment. Maybe it was fate that it was 9/11 and once again those who wish to do us harm sought us out. Hate was the reason we were attacked, hate for who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for. Hate drove our enemies, but hate is a poor choice of weaponry against what we were willing to do for each other and for our fellow Americans. We were fighting for our right to live and our belief in protecting those who need help. If our enemy wanted to attack us, to test our resolve, they would pay dearly with their blood.

The evening began with the loss of two heroic Americans. Later in the evening, emboldened by their sneak attack, our enemies felt they could overrun the Annex as well, killing more Americans in the process. If they succeeded, the death toll might rise to thirty. But that's when hate met its most powerful foe: brotherhood. Our enemies thought they were the hunters and we were the prey. They had it wrong. At the Annex they were introduced to the wolf that protects our doors. Together, shoulder- to-shoulder, outnumbered but undaunted, we were a wolf with claws and teeth, one that would not go quietly.

When the enemy realized they were incapable of breaching our walls they pulled back and waited in the dark like the cowards they are. When enemy reinforcements arrived they lobed a few mortars at us as they again tried to attack. All the while we fought back through the mortar blasts, pushing forward even with the loss of two of our beloved brothers. The injured among us remained in the fight, knowing that the job wasn't finished while Americans remained in danger. This brand of warrior stays in the fight and protects his brothers, his comrades, and his countrymen. He is a Shadow Warrior.