Shadow Warriors Project has partnered with Baden K-9 to provide highly trained service K-9s to disabled private security contractors and veterans. Baden K-9 has over 40 years of experience training the finest and most capable working service dogs in the world.

Through the bond of warrior and K-9, our program brings a renewed sense of purpose and service to our warrior's lives as the K-9s assist with mobility, PTS(D), and companionship. We are proud to be able to provide our warriors with a K-9 at no cost to them, as well as give them the training, tools, and mentoring needed to ensure they are confident in their ability to bond with and handle their K-9.

Receiving a K-9 from Baden is a life-changing experience for all who have had the privilege and honor to undergo what it takes to handle a service K-9. At Shadow Warriors Project, we recognize the absolute necessity for the family to be involved in the process of receiving a service K-9. In addition to bringing healing to our Warriors, our ultimate desire is to bring healing to the family unit which we have seen again and again through God’s gift of the K-9.

There are two parts to our K-9 Program:
  1. The first part is receiving a service K-9.
  2. The second part is our K-9 Companion Program.

Not all who apply to receive a service K-9 will receive one. However, all who qualify will be able to attend our K-9 Companion Program.

Our K-9 Companion Program introduces the participant to working dogs and a methodology of companionship that focuses on obedience, agility, and control in an environment that induces and relieves stress. The objective of our program is to promote healing, build confidence, develop relationships with high level veteran working dogs as well as other combat veterans in an environment that encourages trust, loyalty and openness, self-awareness and provides tools to mitigate the stressors that come with being a Combat Veteran. If you have applied to receive a K9 from Shadow Warriors Project, this is the first step in the vetting process in order to be considered as a K9 Recipient.

"A dog is not meant to be a babysitter. It is not meant to pick you up. It is meant to get you up and take hold of life's responsibilities."

Mike McConnery
Founder of Baden K-9


"I wouldn't be here today without my K-9, Bump. I would have become a statistic, nothing more. Simply put, no amount of medication or therapy is better than God's greatest loyal companion to mankind."

Jason Jones
K-9 Recipient