Shadow Warriors Project has partnered with Baden K-9 to provide highly trained service K-9s to disabled private security contractors and veterans. Baden K-9 has over 40 years of experience training the finest and most capable working service dogs in the world.

Through the bond of warrior and K-9, our program brings a renewed sense of purpose and service to our warrior's lives as the K-9s assist with mobility, PTS(D), and companionship. We are proud to be able to provide our warriors with a K-9 at no cost to them, as well as give them the training, tools, and mentoring needed to ensure they are confident in their ability to bond with and handle their K-9.

Receiving a K-9 from Baden is a life-changing experience for all who have had the privilege and honor to undergo what it takes to handle a service K-9. At Shadow Warriors Project, we recognize the absolute necessity for the family to be involved in the process of receiving a service K-9. In addition to bringing healing to our Warriors, our ultimate desire is to bring healing to the family unit which we have seen again and again through God’s gift of the K-9.

If you or someone you know has a need for a service K-9, please fill out our K-9 Questionnaire form here.


"A dog is not meant to be a babysitter. It is not meant to pick you up. It is meant to get you up and take hold of life's responsibilities."

Mike McConnery
Founder of Baden K-9


"I wouldn't be here today without my K-9, Bump. I would have become a statistic, nothing more. Simply put, no amount of medication or therapy is better than God's greatest loyal companion to mankind."

Jason Jones
K-9 Recipient